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Thank you so much for considering Mental Wellness Counseling. We’re glad you are considering counseling, it is a really big step. We hope you will join us. This page will give you some basic information about getting started and you can read about our clinicians. We are really glad you are here.

Here are some common reasons people contact us:

  • Kids: They may be angry, frustrated, don’t follow your rules, or have other behavioral or emotional struggles. Also, kids process death, family break-up, or even new people joining the family different. They may get quiet or angry. Maybe they are experiencing anxiety. We can help.
  • Frustrated Parents: We help parents to be even better parents by looking at what you are doing really well already. We then teach new skills and check in as to how it is going.
  • New Parents: Struggling with the transition? Let us help you identify and build on your strengths while gaining new skills.
  • Distant Couples: Sometimes the stress of life, parenting, money or communication troubles can get in the way of being the best possible couple. We work to help you restore the relationship from wherever it has been to head in a better direction.
  • Substance Abuse: Substance abuse assessments and substance abuse counseling. We help families and friends learn to process another’s substance use issues. Also, we do direct counseling for alcohol and drug addictions.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Looking for a counselor to help you navigate and understand how spirituality plays a role in your life?
  • Transitions: Life transitions can be planned or unexpected. They can be positive or negative.
  • Goal setting: Ready for accountability with setting and sticking to goals? Ready for a big change and need help creating a roadmap to get there? Let us help.
  • Mood Disorders: We work with people that are dealing with depression and anxiety, and the many ways that it may manifest.
  • Co-Parenting Struggles: Better communication and less conflict between co-parents leads to improved parenting. We can help by offering conflict resolution and tools for both parents.
  • Grief: Let us help you process your loss.
  • Anger: Anger management can help to identify negative thought patterns and gain skills to control and cope with anger.
  • Sexual Identity and Expression: Sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, gender nonconformity can be easier to navigate and understand with someone who has professional experience in that area.
  • Trauma: If you have experienced something significant in your past and would like help working through it, we can help. Our counselors offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy), ACT Therapy, Brainspotting Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and many theoretical approaches to help you overcome from your past.

Session Format

In the first sessions we complete the paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and begin to hear your story. The focus of the second session is to continue to hear your story and discover potential areas of strength and improvement.

The third and fourth sessions are typically a time to write down what the focus of counseling will be. This is often called a “Treatment Plan.” The treatment plan will outline what things you’d like to change, for example:

The Treatment Plan outlines your specific goals, how we will measure them, and what will happen to help you reach them. Also, it will outline who is in charge of what aspects of it. For example, a child may need to practice new skills, a parent may learn new parenting techniques, and your therapist may provide you with a list of resources.

The following sessions will focus upon meeting your Therapy Treatment Goals. We will discuss the progress and decide if we need to add goals, change them, or if you want to be done with counseling. Our goal is to help you decide when you’re done with counseling, so you can get on with your life.


Insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company as to how counseling will be paid for. We will assist you in any way possible. Call us to see if we directly participate with your insurance. If we do not participate, we can assist you by providing documentation required to seek reimbursement from your insurance. We also offer private pay services if you do not have insurance or chose not to use your insurance for mental health services.

Most insurances want you to be diagnosed and usually dictate how many and what type of therapy you can have. We believe that that should be decided between you and your therapist. We can help you navigate what will be best for you and your family.

Counseling Rates

Each therapist has their own rates for sessions.  For more information please CONTACT US and we can give you accurate rates for the clinician that you want to work with.


Our therapists offer morning, daytime, evening and weekend hours to best assist you. Contact us to check for availability and how we can best serve you.


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