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Our Traverse City counseling office is excited to help you find the best counselor and natural wellness providers for your needs. Mental Wellness Counseling has counselors that can serve clients across the lifespan. We have counselors that focus on:

  • New parent counseling
  • Middle School issues of bullying, self esteem, eating issues, and self harm
  • Video Game Addiction counseling
  • High School issues of fitting in, low achievement, college preparation, executive functioning, and study skills building.
  • Healing from past trauma
  • Kids, teens and adults that want help with depression, anxiety, and social skills building
  • Couples counseling: Not connecting with a partner, healing post-affair, and empty nest issues.
  • Older adult issues such as having kids and parents to take care of
  • Natural health education, consultation, and services

We strive to offer the highest quality counseling in the Traverse City and northern Michigan area. We make every effort to help you reach your goals through your therapy.

If you have any questions, please call our Intake Coordinator at 231-714-0282 ext. 0


 Jeanice Knight-Bogatz | Integrative Wellness


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

Master of Clinical Counseling, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE 2010
Master of Human Services, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE 2008

Jeanice is a Northern Michigan native and completed her undergraduate degree at Northern Michigan University with a focus on Criminal Justice and Sociology.  Her ongoing interest in the field of Psychology led her to the Midwest where she studied and trained to become a counselor and was a member of the National Health Service Corps for 6 years, providing services to underserved rural areas of Iowa. Over the past 15 years she has had the opportunity to interact and treat individuals of all age ranges in the social services and mental health fields. Jeanice has worked in a variance of capacities including family support advocate, home-based work with families as a community treatment aide, and residential care in a youth substance treatment facility prior to the completion of her graduate degree.

Jeanice has been trained in the Boys Town treatment model during her time at Behaven, an outpatient treatment center that addresses severe behaviors for children and adolescence. This approach focuses on implementation of structure in the home to improve healthy communication in the family system, reduce conflict, and increase family cohesion through effectively teaching social and communication skills to children and the family.  Jeanice has extensive experience providing clinical services to children, adolescents, individual adults, and families. She uses Family Systems, CBT, and Person-Centered approaches to assist individuals and families in reaching their treatment goals on a holistic level to achieve long term positive change. In 2011 Jeanice completed training in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). This therapeutic parenting model is used to enrich parenting skills and to treat children ages 2-7 years old to increase healthy attachment in the family system. It is a modality employed to facilitate healthy change and assist families in the reduction of symptoms and behaviors that contribute to conflict. PCIT can be integrated with other treatment models including EMDR, to increase child role acceptance, reduce underlying traumatic symptoms that contribute to conflict, and improve the parent-child relationship dynamic to effectively treat children.

In 2013 Jeanice completed Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) training. EMDR is endorsed by the World Health Organization as an effective empirically validated treatment for trauma. EMDR is utilized to treat and reduce distress associated with adverse childhood experiences, severe trauma, decrease symptoms of anxiety, and improve adaptability to life stressors.  In May of 2019 she completed the requirements necessary to become an EMDR Certified Therapist. Since 2012 she has trained under the supervision of The Attachment and Trauma Institute of Nebraska and is currently an EMDR Consultant In Training.  Jeanice also offers Brain Spotting Therapy.

Jeanice enjoys working with all ages and diagnosis with specialization in trauma and healthy attachment. In her spare time, she enjoys art, local music, and all wilderness pursuits. Her hope is for clients to achieve wellness through healthy integration of life elements, become empowered to overcome life stressors, and increase mindfulness for lasting positive change.

You can reach Jeanice by calling 231-714-0282 ext. 2 or e-mailing


Nicole Ball | Holistic Anxiety Counseling

traverse-city-counselor-nicole-ballNicole works with clients that are dealing with anxiety and want quick results to get back to life. As well, clients that value a holistic approach to therapy tend to be drawn to Nicole, especially if they are working through a transition such as divorce, career change, pregnancy, or other life/relationship changes. Nicole takes a compassionate and holistic approach to teaching parenting, working through past trauma, setting life goals and building coping skills to find more peace in life. Nicole conducts therapy with individuals, couples, families and groups. 

Nicole Ball is a Licensed Master Social Worker

      • Bachelors of Social Work from Ferris State University
      • Masters of Social Work from Grand Valley State University
      • Clinical Master’s Social Worker License State of Michigan
      • Member of the National Association of Social Workers

Nicole is a native of Northern Michigan and has over fifteen years’ experience working with individuals, children and families at local agencies such as The Women’s Recourse Center, Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan and Third Level Crisis Center. She is currently a Professor of Social Work at Ferris State University, teaching at both the Traverse City and Big Rapids campuses.

Nicole has a passion for nature and believes in utilizing ones unique strengths and creativity as a source of healing. Nicole specializes in anxiety, particularly pregnancy and health related anxiety, healing from trauma associated with surviving domestic violence or sexual assault, post separation adjustment issues, depression, assisting clients with personal and career goal setting and life transitions.  

Nicole’s practice with clients includes a holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of a person’s life including physical, mental and spiritual. Nicole holds the belief that with the use of a holistic approach the underlying cause of the psychological distress can be found and addressed to gain optimum mental functioning and happiness. She utilizes a cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches to assist clients in recognizing how their feelings, thoughts and behaviors connect. Nicole also uses mindfulness techniques to help individuals gain new strategies for personal growth. Nicole conducts therapy with individuals, couples, families and groups.

You can reach Nicole by calling 231-714-0282 ext. 1 or e-mailing


 Steve Greenman | Thoughtful Experience


Steve specializes in counseling complex family situations, substance abuse, and parenting.

Steve Greenman, MA, LPC, NCC is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and joined Mental Wellness Counseling in 2012.

  • Bachelors of Arts: Michigan State University (Psychology & American/Russian History)
  • State of Michigan teacher certification
  • Masters in Arts from Western Michigan University with a focus on Community Counseling
  • Certification in substance abuse counseling
  • Works with complex family situations
  • Couples counseling
  • Adults dealing with transition, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues

Steve is a life long resident of Northern Michigan who has a passion for reading, writing, music and helping others.  Steve is a Traverse City counselor. Steve’s counseling philosophy is holistic, approaching each issue on its own merit and evaluating influences to help overcome life’s dilemmas.

Steve is the father of two wonderful boys. He graduated from Michigan State University (Psychology & American/Russian History), has his State of Michigan teacher certification, and Masters in Arts from Western Michigan University with a focus on Community Counseling. Lastly, he also has a certification in substance abuse counseling. Steve has 30 years of business experience in Northern Michigan. Lastly, Steve has experience working at The Traverse Health Clinic, Goodwill Inn, Addiction Treatment Services and Safe Harbor.

You can reach Steve by calling 231-714-0282 ext. 5 or e-mailing


 Christina Walsh | Finding Balance

Christina takes a whole health approach to help those with anxiety looking to find calmness balance within their lives. Christina specializes in working with LGBTQ adults and teens addressing many areas of their lives including sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, gender nonconformity as well as mental health, addiction, intimacy, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. She also provides relationship counseling for LGBTQ couples and parents or families of an LGBTQ identifying individual. Christina also specializes in providing services to those experiencing addiction, substance use disorder, and recovery in finding and maintaining a life of sobriety that works for the individual and promotes overall wellbeing.

Christina is a clinical master’s social worker who has lived in Traverse City for over 10 years working in human services. Her experience includes The Goodwill Inn, Munson’s HIV/AIDS department Thomas Judd Care Center, United Way, and Addiction Treatment Services. Christina is a board member of Polestar LGBT+ Community Center where she works as youth director, community educator, and advocate. Christina enjoys traveling with her partner, learning about new cultures, and sitting around a campfire with friends. She celebrates diversity and practices with an approach that each person has a special journey and offers support for clients to create and function within a life that is as different as they are.

Christina is person centered with a focus on treating you as a unique individual to find your distinct path to strength and address many different areas of your life to live in balanced wellness.

You can reach Christina by calling 231-714-0282 Ext 3 or e-mailing


 Brendan O’Donnel | Moving Forward

Brendan currently possess a Clinical Master’s Social Work, Limited License from the State of Michigan. He is a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, coping with complex medical concerns, confronting mortality, or distress related to some aspect of your sexuality, he is available to foster a safe and supportive environment where together we can explore pathways to balance and wellbeing.

Brendan draws on his experience working as a medical social worker to hold space for the interwoven emotions and unexpected changes frequently experienced when our physical and psychological health let us down.

Brendan believes that a person’s sexual identity and expression are significant components to a happy and healthy life. Yet, often, we struggle to communicate truths about our sexual needs and desires to those in need of that information.

Brendan provides an affirming therapeutic environment to individuals and groups, in a variety of relationship geometries (single, monogamous, open, poly, kink, etc.), who are experiencing difficulty with global well-being, oppressive systems, depression, sexual function, gender identity, communication, and relationship dynamics.

Additionally, Brendan provides support to male identified folks who want to heal from toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity penalizes male-presenting children and adults for experiencing vulnerability and incentivizes a disconnection/dissociation from the whole self. Brendan has personally committed to exploring the multitude of masculinities and engage in his own practices of healing. Brendan builds upon these experiences to create a safe environment where male identified folks can reconnect to their whole selves and heal from shame and trauma.

Some of the fixed landmarks that guide Brendan’s practice include:

  • A safe therapeutic relationship is a container for personal discovery and healing
  • We must understand and address systemic inequalities, especially as they relate to power differentials across race and gender within therapy and the wider culture
  • We simultaneously exist as individuals and as constituents within various systems and can access and build upon the power we have within ourselves to promote positive change in ourselves, our families, our organizations, and our country
  • Organizational change and public legislation (county, city, state, national) are underutilized tools to protect human rights and redress historic wrongs

Brendan’s pronouns are he/him/his. He presents as a cis-gender male. Additional identities he contains include able-bodied, white, and university educated. He grew up middle-class, and has spent much of his adult life working class. Brendan relaxes by reading novels on the beaches of Northern Michigan, sailing, or driving his motorcycle.

You can reach Brendan by calling 231-714-0282 Ext. 4 or e-mailing


Samantha Garcia | Client Empowerment

Samantha is a native of Northern Michigan with over 20 years of experience working with adults, children, and families navigating needs-based service systems, as well as those experiencing conflict with co-parenting, disability rights, advocacy, and education.

She is passionate about client-empowerment. Samantha works with those experiencing anxiety, depression and family conflicts. She works with families trying to navigate systems such as Probate and Friend of the Court, child protective services, special education, and community mental health. She also works with those who are dealing with the complexities of caring and advocating for loved ones with disabilities. Samantha is passionate about assisting clients who find themselves in conflict and desire to identify a productive path forward. Samantha takes a compassionate, yet constructive approach to developing the skills necessary to promote mental health for people adjusting to, and living in extraordinary circumstances.

Samantha specializes in assisting individuals navigate trauma associated with acute and chronic illness or family separation by increasing a capacity for resilience through skill building, action planning, and conflict resolution.

Professional Credentials and Education:

  • Bachelors in Family Life Education, Spring Arbor University
  • Master of Social Work, Arizona State University
  • Certified Mediator: Domestic Relations, Restorative Justice, and Special Education
  • CPI Non-violent Crisis Intervention Instructor
  • Clinical Master’s Social Worker Limited License State of Michigan
  • Member of the National Association of Social Workers

You can reach Samantha by calling 231-714-0282  or e-mailing


Jen Kraus | Calm Understanding



Jen has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She specializes in work with new parents and early parenting struggles with parenting, attachment, Post-Partum Depression  and Perinatal Mood Disorders. Jen also specializes in work with children 0-10 years old. She takes a collaborative approach to help children and address their needs.

Jen works to help children heal trauma, as well as work to help manage anxiety, depression and address behavioral issues. She is trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


You can reach Jen by calling 231-714-0282  or e-mailing



Theresa Carey | Peaceful Energy

Theresa Carey is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master’s degree in counseling from Western Michigan University and has been a behavioral health holistic counselor since 2002. She is trained in Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology is a field of psychotherapy which uses techniques, tools and strategies for clearing emotional blocks, physical pain, reduction of anxiety and resolution of phobias to name just a few.  In addition to her private practice, Theresa currently facilitates groups addressing behaviors that often lead to power and control and inequality in relationships.

Theresa is experienced in offering individual, couple or family support and guidance using a therapeutic approach grounded in mind/body theory. She has assisted those in crisis, feeling fragile, facing a difficult decision, addressing habits that no longer serve, struggling with anxiety, abandonment, depression, anger, domestic violence, loss and grief, life transitions and recovery from trauma.


You can reach Theresa by calling 231-714-0282  or e-mailing




Lauren Franklin | MSW Intern

Lauren holds her undergraduate degree in Community Health Education from Northern Michigan University and is currently attending Ferris State University, in her final year of her MSW (Masters of Social Work) degree. Lauren joins Mental Wellness Counseling as an intern, with hopes to specialize in adolescent therapy upon graduation from her social work program.  Prior to this internship, Lauren has experience working as a behavioral health technician in an inpatient mental health unit, as well as holding the position of outdoor recreational therapist for a youth residential substance abuse program. In these previous roles, Lauren frequently provided individuals with direct support, as well as facilitated group sessions.

Lauren practices a holistic approach that keeps the client at the center of her work while placing a strong emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients deeper understand how their emotions, feelings and behavior come-together. If you have not had a chance to meet Lauren, it doesn’t take long for you to recognize and appreciate her passion for nature and its healing properties, especially when working with conditions such as anxiety and depression.  In her spare time, Lauren loves to spend time in the outdoors—hiking, camping, and kayaking—and is often not spotted without her dog, Bandit.

You can reach Lauren by calling 231-714-0282 or e-mailing


We’d love to hear from you. Please contact uswith any questions, comments, or thoughts that you have from your experience with our Traverse City counselors. Also, if Mental Wellness Counseling has helped you, we’d love to hear your story. Thanks for considering Mental Wellness Counseling | A Traverse City Counseling Practice.

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