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The Suicide Prevention Wine Party is a FREE networking event that will bring together professionals from the Traverse City area for an evening of networking to help the world. NMC Student Life, Mental Wellness Counseling, and Lake Side Counseling are sponsoring this event. Any donations from the event will help Third Level Crisis Center.

Suicide Prevention Wine Party: A FREE networking event

September 12, 2012 


Left Foot Charley

First 80 people get a free glass of wine!

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This event is going to bring together mental health professionals, business people, and those interested in helping the world.

Here’s the schedule:

5:00-5:30 The first 80 people get a free glass of wine and hors d’oeurvres

5:30-5:40 Welcome and a discussion about suicide prevention in northern Michigan

5:40-7:00 Networking

It would be great if you would RSVP on our Facebook page, click here.



Photo from Creative Commons, thank you to spaceplbe

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