The world is full of products and self-help material. We’ve gone through a bunch of it and have found what we think are the BEST RESOURCES. Thank you in advance for buying through these links.  The money that we get from promoting resources we use to help our lower income clients.  With that said, here is how we decide what we’re going to promote:

1. We we think it is awesome.

2. We would promote it even if  we weren’t getting paid.

3. It is easy to understand.


All of these products meet these three criteria. We’re also going to be writing reviews about what we think is great about the products, what populations they are aimed at, and how we want you to use them as you pursue mental wellness. Also, if you love/hate a resource, please tell us. If it has changed and is bad, we want to stop recommending it.

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

This is a book that i bought when I couldn’t sleep. The self-relaxation is really good. It breaks down into specific activities that you learn and work through. It is very self-guided and easy to understand. -Joe


The Anger Workbook: A 13-Step Interactive Plan to Help You… (Minirth-Meier Clinic Series)

The Anger Control Workbook

I am not writing an individual review for both of these because both are very similar. It seems that clients like them both. Please take the time to click into the books to read a bit. It seems that it is more of the author’s style that people like more. Either way, they are both a great way to start working on anger issues. -Joe


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