Dinner and a Counseling Session?

Yes, you heard it correctly. Sometimes a couple doesn’t need weekly counseling. They need a check in, a tune-up, an oil change. Dinner and a Counseling Session is a way for you to start the conversation about your relationship and how it’s going…and get free dinner. We’ve partnered with one of our favorite restaurants Patisserie Amie/Chez Pères.  They have delicious French food. We are starting with only 100 spots to see how it goes. We may expand in the future…but why wait?


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We have just launched “Dinner and a Counseling Session.” Here’s how it works:

1. You purchase your Dinner and a Counseling Session Slot, $99.99

2. We’ll email you a checklist of things you may want to talk about. We’ll work with you to set up your date night on a night that works for you.

3. Come in for a counseling session.

4. Walk or drive over to Chez Pères – French Cuisine and use your $50 gift certificate. We are only 2 blocks from one another, why not walk under the stars or as the sun sets? Then continue the conversation, have dinner, and maybe a glass of wine. Why sit through a movie and not talk, when you could make your marriage or relationship better?

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Dinner and a Counseling Session, $99.99:  

Questions, contact us!


Name, email, and phone

Maybe we’re out of the limited supply of Dinner and a Counseling Session and you want to know when we’ll have more. Maybe you want great tips to have a better marriage. Maybe you have a ton of free time and need to read something. Either way, our e-newsletter is here to help you have better relationships:

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