About the Intensive Recovery Program

Mental Wellness Counseling Intensive Recovery Program:

  • Intensive Recovery program is a 12, 20, or 36 clinical hour program.
  • It is a one week, daily recovery program.
  • Over-the-top confidential
  • Intensive Recovery is an outpatient program in beautiful downtown Traverse City, MI.
  • Facilitated by addictions specialist Steve, Greenman, MA, LPC, NCC

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Intensive Recovery Purpose

Our primary purpose at Mental Wellness Counseling is to provide a wide range of recovery-related services that are holistic in nature. Our recovery program seeks to relieve one’s suffering with the use of a dependence such as: substances, pornography, gambling and any emotional or physical item which take control and dominate one’s life.

Recovery Program Goals

Our goal is to treat the underlying reasoning behind the need to escape or numb through the use of dependence and help those we serve to find long-term recovery by creating a sound environment in which they can and will recover.

Goals in the intensive recovery sessions is to lay out a new foundation of life based in recovery through:

  •  Establishing an Individual Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Daily Reflections and Meditations
  • Learning How to Encourage Longer-Term Dependence-Free Living.
  • Creation of a Spiritual Based Premise of a Higher Power

Our Recovery Program Objectives

To help the one suffering with a dependence acknowledge, accept, and assume responsibility through:

  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Dependence Education
  • Self-Realization of dependence and recovery choices
  • Individual Treatment Plan

 To address and resolve some of the deeper rooted hurts and resentments of these individuals and their families, which we believe perpetuates the cycle of dependence, we at Mental Wellness Counseling have created 12, 20 & 36 hour Intensive programs to better meet the needs of client suffering from dependency issues.

How we meet recovery goals

To meet the goals prescribed above we review many aspects of the client including:

  • Past and current medical history
  • Employment and educational background
  • Basic needs being met currently
  • Substance abuse history
  • Legal issues current and past
  • Family/social genogram of dependent history
  • Personal insights and supports each client has.
  • Psychiatric diagnoses current and past

Recovery from dependency issues in an intensive setting gives the client and therapist the opportunity to get in depth and explore underlying currents which support the client’s need to numb or avoid issues in their life which they may find difficult to confront alone.

Typical Intensive Recovery Program Schedule

For the 20 hour program the client will meet with the clinician for two clinical hours in the morning, have a lunch break, and then two clinical hours in the afternoon. The 36 hour program is over a two week period.

Two weeks prior: Complete intake paperwork.

Sunday: Fly into Traverse City, MI (TVC), rent a car, or have hotel pick you up. We recommend the Park Place Hotel in downtown Traverse City, as it is 1/2 a block from Mental Wellness Counseling.

Monday: Arrive at Mental Wellness Counseling (125 S. Park St., Suite 400) at 9:50 am. First session 10:00-11:30. Break for lunch 11:30-1:00. Second session 1:00-2:30. Complete homework, reflect, and take advantage of local opportunities.

Tuesday-Friday: Arrive at Mental Wellness Counseling (125 S. Park St., Suite 400) at 10:000 am. Sessions 10:00-11:30 and 1:00-2:30. Complete homework, reflect, and take advantage of local opportunities.

Week after: 30 minute phone consult with counselor, create Support Team, and follow-up homework.

How to get the most out of your Intensive Recovery Program Experience

We want you to get the most out of your experience, here are some tips to have the best outcome and the best time in Traverse City, MI.

Travel with someone

Recovery is difficult and traveling alone can be difficult. Also, having a traveling companion provides additional accountability. Since many of the issues discussed, may trigger past negative habits, coping, and feelings, having someone around can help during non-therapy time.

Take advantage of the area

Our area has been voted one of the most beautiful places in America. Plan to hike at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore, go for a sail, do some yoga (next door to us), or take a stand-up paddle board out on the water. As well, we’ve been voted a top Foodie town year after year. We all have our favorite restaurants here, but you should discover some as well!

Schedule reflection time

You’ll be diving into quite a few things you have not thought about in year. Taking time each day to reflect, complete homework, and think through the sessions is very important for your recovery goals.

Ease back in

Take time the week after your Intensive Recovery Program to ease back into your life. Combating old addictions in the same environment may be hard. Set up your Support Team quickly, schedule time for reflection, and join a local recovery group right away!

We are over-the-top confidential

People fly into Traverse City, MI from all over the nation for our Intensive Recovery Program. Some do it because person relationships have fallen apart, some are court mandated, and some just know that it is time. Not only do we follow local, state, and national confidentiality laws but, but we consider ourselves “over-the-top confidential.” Here’s what we do:

  • You always have choice: Except for child abuse and neglect or harm to self or others, only a court subpena will compromise your information. You choose how we send reports, who we talk with, and who knows that you are at our office (or doesn’t know). You’re always in control of your information!
  • We don’t use any cloud-based software for your paperwork: Even though companies say they are secure, we know that hackers are always up to something. We only keep paper records, unless you request something to be sent via email.
  • We don’t bill insurance: Insurances require us to diagnose you and that is not always appropriate. That diagnosis will be on your record forever. You get to choose if you submit your receipts to your insurance for potential reimbursement.
  • We don’t say “hi”: We won’t even say “hi” to you outside of our office, unless you initiate it first. We want you to be able to tell people how and why you know us or just ignore us. It’s your choice.



  • Location: We are located at 125 S. park St., Traverse City, MI 49684. The best way to get here is to fly into Traverse City (TVC) and rent a car or have your hotel pick you up. Our office is in the heart of downtown and is walking distance to restaurants (the closest is 1/4 block away), the water is 1 block away, and The Park Place Hotel is 1/2 a block away.
  • Food: You will have more than enough time to eat, but you are responsible for your own food, lodging, and transportation.
  • Questions: Steve Greenman, MA, LPC, NCC can be contacted at 231-714-0282 ext. 701 or you can email him: steve@mentalwellnesscounseling.com


Cost of Intensive Recovery Program

This intensive recovery program cost is as follows:

12 hour Intensive Recovery Program + 30 minute follow-up phone call:

$2,995 if paid in full one week prior to start: $2,495


20 hour Intensive Recovery Program + 30 minute follow-up phone call:

$3,995 if paid in full one week prior to start: $3,495


36 hour Intensive Recovery Program + 30 minute follow-up phone call (The 36 hour program is over a two week period):

$5,995 if paid in full one week prior to start: $5,495


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