Mental Wellness Counseling is proud to call Traverse City home! We built a Traverse City counseling practice because we love this area, the people, and the families. That’s why we’re trying to make it better, with you. People come to Mental Wellness Counseling for a variety of reasons from depression to divorce, parenting to probation, anxiety to anorexia, we cover a lot of issues. We help people to set goals for their life and find more happiness and fulfillment, will you join us in helping you make life better?



Jen Kraus

Social Worker

I have a passion for working with infants, toddlers, young children and their families. I have worked with families for 15 years, which has equipped me to work with teen parents, child advocacy and parenting group classes. My specialized training in working with infants and their parents to helps each to become emotionally attuned to one another and promote healthy relationships.

Steve Greenman


My specialty centers around the topics of addiction, cognitive awareness of bettering oneself and life skills to relief oneself of burdens from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Anndrea Terry


I utilizes a highly personalized liberating blend of holistic practices and methods when working with individuals to promote personal healing, growth and transformation from the inside out.

Lucy Seefried


I am a life-long native of Michigan who has a passion for traveling, exploring and connecting with others. My university studies and work have developed a multicultural approach through work in West Africa, Russia, Detroit, India and Alaska. I use a client-centered approach and active listening, and strive to balance self-exploration with practical solutions. This creates a safe and trusting environment for change to occur and allowing the creative process of therapy to unfold.

Joe Sanok


I have over 10 years of experience working with at-risk youth in a variety of residential and out-patient settings. As the author of several parenting books, I’m uniquely qualified to help you as an individual, couple, or family. I look forward to talking!

Jessica Kelley


I work from the desire to help individuals break unhappy and unhealthy cycles. I have experience with children and families, at risk youth, college students, and adults dealing with issues of traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, and life transitions.

Tarah Elhardan


Through my own personal experiences and research, I have found a passion for nutrition and its connection with mental health. I take a holistic approach to counseling, considering the mind and body as a whole. I strongly feel that one needs to have a healthy mind to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Sarah Hubbell


I have been working with at-risk youth for the past 7+ years, and more recently has had much success in working with children through TFCBT who have been through a traumatic experience(s).  I believe that finding the right counselor begins with taking a chance. I will help educate, help you and/or your family to utilize new skills, be happier, and even find new and exciting ways to enjoy a new found hope in life.

Nicole Ball


Nicole helps women that have been in or are currently in domestic violence situations through empowerment and compassionate counseling. Nicole has a passion for nature and believes in utilizing ones unique strengths and creativity as a source of healing. Nicole specializes in anxiety, healing from trauma associated with surviving domestic violence or sexual assault, post separation adjustment issues, depression, assisting clients with personal and career goal setting and life transitions.



How do I pay for counseling?

Understanding counseling, insurance, and payment can be confusing. If at any time you want our help, just let us know. We don’t directly bill your insurance for a number of reason. Mostly it is because we want you to have complete control over your records. We’d love to walk you through the process of getting counseling started.

Is counseling confidential?

In Traverse City, it’s usually not a big deal to run into someone. It’s sort of the charm of the area. But when that person is your counselor, you should know exactly how confidential your information is! We take your confidentiality very seriously! 

Not only is counseling protected by federal law, but we go well beyond what is required. We’d love to tell you more if you have questions.

Right Counselor for me?

You always get to choose your counselor. Even if you start with one, you can always switch. We want you to have the very best fit at our Traverse City counseling practice. When we look to bring on new counselors, we look for people that can cover a wide variety of issues. We have counselors that work from infant mental health all the way to retirement. You always have a choice!





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